Early Offer Program: Young Achievers - The University of Notre Dame Australia's Early Offer program is designed to provide prospective students with an opportunity to receive an offer of admission before they complete their final exams, allowing high school students to secure their place at the university based on their academic achievements and personal qualities. The collateral is designed to appeal to high achieving students, as well as their parents, while also outlining the benefits of the program.

Info Day - The day provides an opportunity for prospective students to learn about the university's programs, courses, admission requirements, and campus facilities. Marketing material designed for the promotion of the event needed to be friendly, approachable, and accessible for the age group.

Online Graduation Ceremony - Due to Covid-19 lockdowns the university wasn't able to host some graduation ceremonies, an online version was instead implemented for those unable to attend. Gifts and booklets were put together to send out to registered participants, as well as graduation specific assets to use on social media to celebrate with other online graduates.

Collateral Shown: Early Offer Program (Young Achievers) - Website, Tote Bag, Bus Advertising, Booklet; Info Day - Instagram Stories, Enrollment Push Video; and, Online Graduation Ceremony - Booklet with Cutouts, Gifs for socials, VR Graduation Hat.

Collateral not Shown: Various social media posts and advertising, booklets sent out to schools, merchandise.